About the Photographer

My name is Amlan Sanyal. I am a teacher and also a documentary photographer. One provides a living for myself and the other a living for my soul. I am based in Siliguri, a small town in sub-Himalayan Bengal.

My interest in photography developed in 2008 while toying around with a compact digital camera. I haven’t stopped taking photographs since I got my first DSLR in 2009. I started taking pictures of strangers on the street. When I started doing this, I had no idea there was an entire genre devoted to it. I have been mostly self taught, drawing most of my education on photography by studying the work of great photographers in this genre. I’ve always been quite an observant person, liking to pay attention to small details. I strive to capture storytelling-images as well as insightful, emotion provoking yet, realistic sort of frames. I love capturing the colorful glimpses of the daily life in India. Street Photography/Documentary is my favorite way of looking at the world and taking photographs gives me the power to stop time, appreciate the truth of the moment and question myself.

Some of my achievements includes winning the POTM in Epson Fotoflock, publications in National Geographic Magazine, Smart Photography, Asian Photography, CHIIZ, The SUN Magazine (US), PhotoPlus (UK), Dodho (Barcelona), Life Force, 121clicks, 205DPI, XPOSURE, The DPhoto Inspiration articles, International digital salon acceptances. I have also received good placements and reviews in some competitions and my work has been published in various print and online magazines and blogs. I am also a contributor to Getty Images and National Geographic stock photography. But as a great success I consider recognition of people in social networks that follow and appreciate my work regular. Though a teacher by profession, I will always be a student when it comes to photography.

I think you should shoot what makes you happy, not what you think others want to see.

For Collaborations, Workshops &  Photo tours, please drop me a line at my email id:  amlansany@gmail.com   or   Call:  91- Eight 2 Five Zero 4 0 3 Eight Zero 6