Your eyes tell a story your lips are too afraid to speak

You know when you look at someone - and they have had such a hard life.. and you can tell its been hard for them, just from that one look.

The Master-Disciple Tradition

The relationship between a master and a disciple has often been characterized as that of unwavering trust, where the disciple follows the master without asking questions or raising objections in his or her journey towards the truth. It is a heart-felt relationship where the disciple's love of the master will be the force enabling him or her to follow the master towards the truth.

Diya makers of Kumartuli

"MUMBAI" - Where dreams don't die

The world is upside down

The Sadhu who keeps himself hanging upside down from the branch of a tree. When I asked why do you do this? He answered: "Today the world is upside down with lot of sufferings and less of love.  I seek to turn myself upside down again and again until in the end I stand upright in the sight of God."

The Monk

A Monk submerged in thought at a Buddhist Monastery (Mirik, W.B, India)


Group of Sadhus on the way to Kumbh Mela in search of immortality

Between Heaven and Earth

A moment of ritual performed during the Charak Puja festival where the devotee is tied with hook on their  back and sways hanging from a bamboo pole. The ground on which they fall is embedded with glass, thorns, knives & other devious weapons.The blessing of the god keeps him safe from all the possible harms.The festival not only reflects the blind faith but also the eagerness to accept penance on the road to achieve salvation. Captured this during the Charak Festival in a village in North India.